Public Hearing

Notification and Public Hearing

1) Upon receipt in proper form of the application and other required material, the Zoning Administrator shall refer the proposed conditional use request to the affected Board of Town Supervisors. The Planning Commission shall hold at least one (1) public hearing in a location to be prescribed by the Planning Commission. Such public hearing may be continued from time to time and additional hearings may be held.

2) At least ten (10) days in advance of each hearing, notice of the time and place of such hearing shall be published in the official newspaper of the County.

3) All property owners of record within five hundred (500) feet of the incorporated areas and/or one-quarter (¼) mile of the affected property or to the ten (10) properties nearest to the affected property, whichever would provide notice to the greatest number of owners of unincorporated areas where the conditional use is proposed shall be notified by depositing a written notice in the U.S. mails, postage prepaid, as to the time and place of the public hearing. Written notice shall also be given to the affected Board of Town Supervisors and all municipalities within two (2) miles of the proposed conditional use.

4) No application for a conditional use which has been denied wholly or in part shall be resubmitted for a period of six (6) months from the date of said order of denial, except on the grounds of new evidence or proof of change on conditions found to be valid.