Requirements when Applying for a Conditional Use Permit:

Applications for Conditional Use Permits shall be made with the Planning & Zoning Department. Payment is due at the time of making application. (Check or cash only. We are unable to process credit cards at this time.)

The application shall be accompanied by a site plan showing such information as is necessary to show compliance with this Ordinance, including but not limited to:

1. Legal description of the property. (Please copy the legal from your Abstract)
2. Site plan drawn to scale showing parcel and building dimensions.
3. Location of all buildings and their square footage.
4. Curb cuts, driveways, access roads, parking spaces, off-street loading areas and sidewalks.
5. Landscaping and screening plans.
6. Drainage plan.
7. Sanitary sewer and water plan with estimated use per day.
8. Soil type.
9. Such other information as is necessary and reasonable to adequately review the request.

Downloadable Files:
Conditional Use Application