McLeod County CARES Act Information

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McLeod County CARES Act Information

Funds were made available to McLeod County and municipalities within McLeod County for COVID-19 related expenses within the timeframe of March 1, 2020 through December 1, 2020. In response, McLeod County formed a committee, the CARES Act CRF Committee, to manage the recommendations to distribute these dollars through the McLeod County Board of Commissioners. The grant program to apply for these funds expired on November 20, 2020. Thank you to those who applied, and to the cities and townships who worked with McLeod County. 

McLeod County received $4,368,783 to distribute (not including the funds managed for other municipalities within the county). A breakdown of the funds was been determined by the CRF Committee was approved by the County Board:
1. Community Resilience: $250,000 (Housing, food and financial assistance through local partners)
2. Business and Non-Profit Assistance: $1,500,000
3. Education Partners Support (K-12): $500,000
4. County Emergency Response and Funding of Expenses: $1,618,783
5. Reserved for to-be-determined Costs: $500,000 (transferred to the Business and Non-Profit Assistance Grant Program on November 17, 2020)

The above allocations are subject to change with the needs identified throughout this process, and with approval of the County Board. 

Eligible applications received by November 20, 2020 are reviewed by the CRF Committee and submitted to the McLeod County Board for consideration. Funds will be distributed based on need and availability of funds, along with timing of completed and submitted application receipt, and approval of the McLeod County Board of Commissioners at their regular meetings. Applicants will be notified of approval or denial of their grant application. Final decisions on outstanding applications will be determined at a Special Board Meeting on November 24, 2020, at 9 am.